Welcome to my gardening blog! Here you will find all kinds of useful information about Gardening including video tutorials and a planting schedule for Maricopa County(at the bottom of the page). I have learned a lot from several different sources- Beverly Austin who teaches an awesome organic gardening class on Saturday mornings at ASU East for just $5, Jim Kennard-the president of the Foodforeveryone foundation and teacher of the Mittleider Method of gardening, and my parents who always had us kids out working on the family garden. I hope you take away useful information and use it in your own gardens but even if you don't do everything I've outlined, the most important thing is that you plant! Now! Nothing will teach you more than actually doing it on your own!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unintentionally Green and loving it!

Ok, so I was (ok, am) the type of person who scoffs at tree huggers and this whole green movement, so how how did I get to this place where I am vermicomposting with worms under my sink, using organic materials to fertilize (kelp), enriching my soil with Vermiculite and composted horse manure, and reusing playdoh containers for my window sill herbs??

Here's how: I've been going to an organic gardening class for a month now given by a woman in my community named Beverly. She is a walking gardening encyclopedia. She can tell you which plants will help your skin, blood pressure, teeth, sinuses, what will make your hair silky smooth, and even plants that will replace the "little blue pill" (these ones grow as weeds in my backyard). I already wanted help getting these dumb plants to thrive in the Arizona heat, but she has taught me way more than I expected! If you're in the area, she teaches a hands-on class every other Saturday morning at 6am. The next one is this Saturday the 6th and she charges 5 bucks a lesson. You can ask her whatever you want and she always has super helpful handouts including when to plant different types of veggies in this area, and good organic recipes for potting soil. If you're interested you can email me and I'll tell you where to go. These little 1 week old beauties are a tribute to her teaching skills. (they came up after 3 days because of all the rain- it also tranplanted seeds to the other side of the pots. Oh well) Thanks Beverly!

Mixed Salad Greens (and flowers)

Sugar Peas

Pie Pumpkins, Canteloupe

Chatantais, Zucchini (I can't remember what those tiny plants are that I put in the middle/left- I guess it'll be a surprise!)

And here is the next place to plant as soon as I get my composted equine manure to help the soil!!! (yes, these are the fences!!!! they are a little dirty after the crazy rain and wind- I haven't cleaned the splatters off yet. If you're wondering what that table thingy is in this picture, go to this post)


  1. I think the Green movement thing is going to get us all...eventually...but by that time it will be to late to do any real good. LOL - sad, but funny and true all at the same time! Not much new is here, just staying busy with whatever projects I can to make the time pass quickly.

  2. Okay, so I too scoff at the thought of "going green" but here I am, a young organic farmer, a "greenhorn" per se. Here is where I think we "conservationists" seperate ourselves from "environmentalists": fear. Greenies are out to save the planet for fear that if they don't, no one else will and the entire human race will be destroyed. The rest of us try to live responsibly because it is the right thing to do, because we have been given stewardship over the land. I could write an essay on the topic, but I won't here. Oh yeah, I'd be interested to attend some of those classes, so hook me up.

  3. I'm right there with ya. I wouldn't say I am a fanatic, yet. But I got re-usable bags from Smiths to replace plastic bags. plus they give me a 10 cent refund for every re-usable bag I use for bagging my groceries. I recycle as much as I can and am in the process of changing my house hold cleaners to more green ones.

  4. I love the fence and the potted garden. Good for you!

  5. That is fascinating. What a cool class.