Welcome to my gardening blog! Here you will find all kinds of useful information about Gardening including video tutorials and a planting schedule for Maricopa County(at the bottom of the page). I have learned a lot from several different sources- Beverly Austin who teaches an awesome organic gardening class on Saturday mornings at ASU East for just $5, Jim Kennard-the president of the Foodforeveryone foundation and teacher of the Mittleider Method of gardening, and my parents who always had us kids out working on the family garden. I hope you take away useful information and use it in your own gardens but even if you don't do everything I've outlined, the most important thing is that you plant! Now! Nothing will teach you more than actually doing it on your own!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6-week Progress and Garlic!

Hey y'all! Here is the 6 week progress video(s). I took two different videos and I like both so I'm showing both :o)

Also, I dug our garlic up, braided the roots together and hung it to dry! I'm sad that I only harvested 2 of them- the others I had to dig up and transplant to pots to make room for the garden in April and I wasn't able to save them- the larger of these two was transplanted and did alright but I had three die on me :o( I ripped too many roots. I can't wait to plant some more in October! What fun!


  1. I love to watch your progress every time I drive down our street - it's fun to see your garden growing! I'd say it's a success! :-)

  2. Oh Stephy,
    That little garlic braid is SO YOU! :) You make me laugh and congrats on the gardening! I love seeing your progress, and it's a big feat in the valley of the sun!

  3. Holy Cowabunga! It is now a VERTICAL garden! Did you build the T-supports by yourself? You little handy-woman, you!
    Love, Mom